Services Available with Bluemound Automotive Inc

Bluemound Automotive Inc offers a variety services, including;

  • Brakes
  • Computer Diagnostics (Engine Lights)
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Tires – Most Major Brands Including Cooper
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Alternators
  • Electrical (Batteries, Starters)
  • Oil Changes
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Clutch Repair
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel Injection
  • Radiator Service
  • Axles
  • Flushes (Coolant, Transmission, Brake Fluid, Differential Fluid)
  • Transmission Service
  • Timing Belts
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

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If you have any doubts regarding the current condition of your brakes, it’s best to call or visit our auto repair shop. We offer topnotch brake repair and service on all vehicle makes and models. Our team of experienced ASE-certified technicians use only state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure that your vehicle’s brake systems will be serviced and cared for accordingly. We will inspect all major components of your vehicle’s brake system, including calipers, brake pads, brake shoes, rotors, drums and hardware. The common symptoms of faulty brakes include a feeling that brake pull when you push the pedal, a pulsing sensation in the brake pedal, a grinding sound or wheels coated with brake dust. We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of brake problems efficiently and quickly. We also service faulty anti-lock brake systems (ABS). We suggest that you should undergo a brake system inspection at least once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Computer Diagnostics (Engine Lights)


When the check engine light of your vehicle is on, this is a certain sign that something is not right with one or more of your vehicle’s systems. Our team of certified technicians will use a scan tool that is going to be connected to the onboard computer system of your vehicle. The on-board computer system will communicate with the scan tool through the use of special codes and this will help our technician in tracking down the problem. In the majority of cases, our technicians must go through a very complicated diagnosis flow chart procedure, so that they can track down the problem and determine why the light came on. Our repair shop has the necessary experience and tools to diagnose and repair check engine lights on most vehicle makes and models on the road today.

Steering & Suspension


When you are on the road, the steering and suspension system of your vehicle is what helps you stay in control. The entire weight of your vehicle is carried by your shocks and steering system. You should inspect your steering and suspension system at least once a year and even more depending on the driving condition in order to prevent any serious repairs. Common warning signs that indicate you need to have your steering and suspension system inspected by our mechanics include:

  • Tires shake or wander
  • Problems while driving on uneven roadways or dips
  • Having difficulties when steering
  • Steering seems to be slipping
  • Vehicle is bouncing after going over a bump
  • Pulling to the side

Our certified mechanics will examine all of your steering and suspension components in order to make sure they are operating properly.

Tires- Most Major Brands

Cooper Tires

It is very important to perform regular tire inspections on your vehicle. We are a Cooper Tire Dealer, but can get almost any major brand of tire. You can shop for new tires on our website by size, brand or vehicle make, model and year. When you purchase new tires, we suggest that you purchase them in sets of 4, or at least matching groups of 2 on each axle. This extends the life of your new tires and keeps your tire wear even. We will mount and balance your new tires for you. Regular tire rotation helps eliminate premature tire wear. We suggest tire rotations every 6000 miles.

Air Conditioning Service

Car Air

Come see our repair shop for all of your vehicle’s air conditioning needs. We have helped car owners cool down their vehicles for many years, and we’re happy to help you. Our certified technicians can check all of the following:

  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Inspect components for damage or leaks
  • Check air conditioning compressor
  • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
  • Give the system a leak down test
  • Recharge the system according to factory specifications

Tune Ups

A regular routine tune-up can give you protection against the major engine problems by locating and replacing worn components, like fuel filters and spark plugs. Having a regular tune-up will assist your vehicle in boosting efficiency, preserving a higher fuel mileage and lasting much longer. Symptoms that indicate that your vehicle needs a tune-up include:

  • Air flow issues
  • Engine sounds, like knocks or pings
  • Slow acceleration
  • Noticeable electrical issues
  • Poor gasoline mileage



Your vehicle’s dead battery might be caused by a bad alternator. If you need to jump start your battery every time you start your car or the new battery that you just installed is still not holding a charge, there is a chance that you have a bad alternator. The alternator provides electricity to different components in your car, such as air conditioner and dashboard lights, all while you are driving. Any additional power created by the alternator is stored for later use in your car’s battery. If your battery is not charged by the alternator, this means that you will have to deal with a dead battery next time you start your car.

Batteries & Starters


From battery and lights, to starter and alternator, the electrical system of a modern car is quite complex. It continuously monitors electrical circuits to ensure that every component is operating within the range intended. Any faults or variances outside the operating parameters could be logged by the system and illuminate a warning Light. If this happens to you, you should immediately consult our facility and have us do an electrical check on your vehicle.

Oil Changes

Oil Change

When you are the owner of a vehicle, there are a few things that you must do to ensure that your vehicle continues to run the way it was designed. One of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest things to do is to get an oil change. Regularly performed oil changes ensure that your engine is not being forced to work overtime through dirty oil in order to perform. We offer several different types of oil changes from full synthetic to semi synthetic. We will recommend the frequency of oil changes depending on what type of oil change you need.

Belts & Hoses


Serpentine belts also known as drive belts, provide power to the air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, cooling fan, air injection pump and more. The lifespan of a typical belt is about five years or 50,000 miles.

Most hose manufacturers recommend replacing hoses every four years.

Clutch Repair

The main purpose of the clutch is to disengage the transmission from the motor in order for you to shift gears without grinding. In some cases you will have to replace the entire clutch, because the clutch disc has been worn out completely. Other common problems include a leak in the hydraulics, air bubbles in the hydraulic line and stretched cable controls.

Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system works very hard to control the harmful exhaust gases that are excreted from a car. The exhaust system is part of a bigger picture that also involves your emission control system. Both ·exhaust and emission control system work closely together in order to regulate the harmful gases and pollutants that are emitted from your vehicle. If you don’t attend to the problems of your exhaust system, it could lead to costly repairs in the future.

Fuel Injection

When you are driving down the road and you notice that it is lacking acceleration or running sluggishly, this might indicate that a fuel system cleaning or a fuel injection service is needed. A clogged fuel filter or fuel system can result in poor vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Harmful deposits form in critical areas of the fuel system over time. If you want to maintain optimal engine performance, you should have periodic fuel system cleanings. Our technicians can also replace your fuel filter if needed.

Radiator Service

All of the components in our cooling system join forces to meet one important goal, which is moving coolant around your engine, so that it can absorb and dissipate heat. The main purpose of the cooling system is to reduce temperature in order to help all other parts of the engine work properly. After a certain period of time, the cooling system of your car will develop scale deposits that will limit the coolant flow. This is a certain sign that you are in need of a radiator flush. The standard cooling system is made up of the following components:

  • Thermostat & housing
  • Water pump
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Belts & hoses

If you don’t maintain your car’s cooling system, this might result in serious damage or even a complete failure of your engine. Your coolant system and antifreeze should be flushed every 2 years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles.



Your vehicle’s axles are vital to keeping you safe on the road. In most cars, the axles are an essential part of the steering system, working with power steering fluid and other components to ensure smooth turning. If you are hearing noises or your vehicle is not turning as smoothly as usual, you might need an axle repair.


Since vehicles have several mechanical systems that require fluids for lubrication or cooling purposes, there are several types of flushes.

Transmission Flush

Flushing the used fluid from the transmission washes away tiny particles of dirt, clutch material and metal shavings. By keeping up with your vehicle’s recommended transmission fluid change schedule, you can keep your transmission in good working order and decrease the likelihood of costly transmission repairs down the road.

Radiator Flush

The radiator has the important task of keeping the engine cool. A good heating and cooling system service entails flushing the old antifreeze from your radiator and filling it with new antifreeze. New antifreeze will help your engine run cooler, and flushing it will remove any dirt, rust or sediment which may damage the water pump and clog the radiator.

Brake System Flush

When you step on the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid rushes to each brake to apply the pressure that slows your vehicle. Over time the fluid can become compromised by moisture and other contaminants.

Differential Flush

Worn out differential fluid can lead to unreliable differential performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown or failure? Complete differential failure will result in your entire differential system needing to be replaced.

Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid lubricates all of the moving parts throughout the power steering system. When power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of the pump and gear, it picks up wear material as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals. That is why regular power steering flushes keep your vehicle’s system fully functional.

Transmission Service

When your transmission begins to fail, you must get it repaired as quickly as possible. At our repair shop we provide repairs for all types of transmissions, including automatic, semiautomatic and manual models.

Timing Belts

At some point in your car’s life, you will have to change the timing belt. The majority of vehicles require that their timing belt should be replaced at 100,000 miles. A lot of vehicles have complicated internal systems that must work in perfect synchrony all together and when the timing belt breaks, the internal parts of the engine are destroyed and the synchrony is gone. The engine breaks apart on the inside, resulting in buying a new engine or a new car. When you are replacing your timing belt, it is also recommended that you replace your vehicles water pump.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

There is no need for you to rely on your luck when you’re purchasing a used car. The majority of dealerships around the country offer services such as Carfax report or other used vehicle service reports. Bear in mind that even though these pre-purchase reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you for certain whether the vehicle is safe to drive now or not. Bringing your car in for a pre-purchase inspection gives you an expert’s opinion on its systems and parts, like tires, engine mounts, hoses, belts, brakes and other important engine components. Before you decide to buy a used car, let our team of certified technicians provide you with a complete and affordable pre-purchase inspection.

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